Theology Matters Seminars – 1st Tuesday evening every month

All are welcome to these Sessions that will explore a bit deeper issues of Christian thought.

All session begin at 7.30pm in the Community Room and are free of charge.

1st May 2018: An introduction to Islam and interfaith dialogue 

5th June 2018: Trends in Missiology: from West to Rest, and back again part 1- exploring the background of missile approach including missio Dei, historical approaches and colonialism.

3rd July 2018  – cancelled – apparently England are playing kickyballs tonight!

7th August 2018: Trends in Missiology: from West to Rest, and back again part 2- exploring contemporary approaches to missiology including multi-directional mission and contextual mission.

4th September 2018: “A Brief Theology of Time”- Reflecting on the significance of time passing, including ideas abut memory and history, and its relation with eternity. Presented by Peter Shepherd.

Recent previous sessions have included Theodicy (Issues of suffering and evil), The Trinity (How we understand God as 3 in 1),  Ecclesiastical history – The early church, Martin Luther’s Reformation and Reformation 500 years legacy – The Kingdoms of God?: Church and State in relationship. 

For further details speak to either James Chapman or Rev Dr Peter Shepherd.