Home Fellowship Groups

Discipleship teaching is primarily done through the preaching and through study in the various Fellowship Groups that are geographically spread around the city.

We have several fellowship groups which meet regularly on different days of the week. These are smaller groups which gather together for prayer, Bible Study and friendship. Most groups meet in members’ homes every two weeks on a weekday evening.

Most of the groups also help in the occasional leading of a Sunday evening service.

  • Porter Valley Fellowship Group – coordinator Wendy Green
  • Hillsborough Group – coordinators Paul and Kat Burnham.
  • Nether Edge Fellowship Group – coordinator Frances Allwood
  • Central Fellowship group – coordinator Carlos Brambillia Orenteria.
  • High Storrs Fellowship Group – coordinator Peter Kennett
  • Crosspool Fellowship Group – coordinator Michael Milnes.


Frances Allwood is the Home Fellowships Group coordinator