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Iranian Fellowship

خوش آمدید به کلیسای ایرانیان

The Iranian Fellowship meets on Thursday evening at 7.30pm in the hall. The meeting begins with testimonies, and then Bible teaching, followed by a time of worship. All is either in, or translated into, Farsi.

We are excited by the work that God is doing among the people of Iran, and other nearby states. Read this link from Premier Christianity that shares something about what we are experiencing now in CRB with our Iranian Fellowship.

As well as Farsi speakers from Iran who are Christian or exploring the Christian faith, we have a significant number of Kurds, and individuals from Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq, and Azerbaijan.

The Fellowship also offers:

  • Pastoral support for asylum seekers and those granted leave to remain looking to settle in Sheffield
  • Baptism classes – every 2 months
  • Bible studies – every week
  • Farsi alpha course – on Sunday mornings during the morning service at 11am.
  • English classes – each Thursday 10.30am at Landsdowne Community Room
  • Volunteering opportunities – every Monday from 10.00am around the Church – many odd-jobs are done, and much tea is drunk.
  • Introduction class to Christianity and the Church – For Asylum seekers, those preparing for baptism, and those new to the Church. Each Thursday at 5pm-6.30pm in the lounge.مقدمه ای بر مسیحیت”کلاس آموزشی برای پناهندگان”5- 5/6 عصر زمان برگزاری:
  • Women’s ministry as part of the fellowship – time and date tbc Roo

Resources for Farsi speaking enquirers and Christians:

The Iranian Fellowship members have found the following helpful:


The Fellowship is coordinated by Roo Mahmid.