Sunday Services

Sunday Morning

Our Sunday morning services, running from 10:30am till about 11.45am, seek to blend both the traditional and contemporary as we worship Jesus together!

There’s typically around 100-120 people who gather from across the city, representing many cultures, backgrounds and languages, as we come together to sing, pray, listen to the Bible and a sermon, and to enjoy time as a community together over tea and coffee.

Typically, we’d be all in together for the first 20 minutes of a service, after which the children and young people will head out to group, before coming back together for the final song.

There’s a voluntary offering taken during the service, though please see that there is no pressure to take part!

We share communion on the 3rd Sunday of each month, and our Communion Table is open to all who know and love Jesus!

Do get in touch if you had any questions about our services!

Sunday Afternoon

From 2pm-5pm, our Congolese speaking congregation gathers for a time of prayer, praise, teaching and fellowship. The congregation meets in the Hall near the Napier Street Door, and would love to provide you with a warm welcome!

Service are often translated in English, while being mainly presented in Congolese. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more!