Leadership team


The office of deacon was introduced in the very first church at Jerusalem, to serve in the running of the church.

Deacons are the managing trustees, and look to the best interests of the Church by supporting good accountability and structures within the fellowship. They act on behalf of the Church in between Church meetings, and are accountable to the Church meeting.

Deacons are Church members who are recognised as having good character, mature faith, a servant heart, being worthy of respect, good at encouraging and building relationships, and having wisdom and discernment.  We have up to 12; they are elected for a term of 3 years (2 consecutive terms can be served), and they have a variety of responsibilities including: serving at Holy Communion, supporting the ministry team, leading in making decisions regarding the use of the building, supervising the various duty rotas, and serving with competence on one of our subcommittees: Staffing, Finance, Property/Fabric, Health & Safety, Publicity, Ministry and Worship

The Officers of the Church are the Senior minister, alongside the Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer, who are also deacons.

The current Diaconate for 2023 are:

  • Lois McGrath (Church Secretary),
  • Yvonne Timms (Assistant Church Secretary),
  • David Timms (Treasurer),
  • Paul Riley,
  • Olusola McKenzie,
  • Dr. Tony Cowling,
  • Dative Mukamusoni, and
  • Niall Finn